Gained in practice, for use in practice: Formula for a vascular strengthening and cooling base gel





      • 25 ml Dermaviduals® Base gel (Dermaviduals®-Basisgel),
      • 15 ml DMS® Base cream High Classic (DMS®-Basiscreme - High Classic),
      • 5 ml Butcher’s Broom serum (Mausedorn-Serum),
      • 2 ml Kigelia liposome concentrate (Kigelia-Liposomen-Konzentrat),
      • 2 ml D-panthenol (D-Panthenol),
      • 1 ml Complexion skin care liposomes Plus (Teint-Pflegeliposomen Plus).

The gel formulation is very suitable in the summer months as an after sun for reddened and sun-stressed skin.