Special treatment

Special treatment

Augengel Plus

Eye gel Plus, 30ml
With hyaluronic acid and butcher´s broom for care around the eyes. Smoothing, moisturizing and toning effect.
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DMS  Massagecreme

DMS® Massage cream, 500ml
For massage and skin care in one. Use for facial, partial-body and full-body massage.
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Massage oil, 150ml
Stimulates microcirculation. Partial or full body massage treatments.
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Novrithen, 150ml
For care of dehydrated and irritated skin. Economic cream for face and body. Novrithen®-cream stabilizes the natural hydration balance of the skin and strengthens the skin barrier. As a result, Novrithen®-cream promotes neurodermatitis prevention.
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Oleogel N

Skin care for barrier disordered and atopic skin 50ml
Care for face, body and hands.
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Oleogel® Plus

Oleogel Plus, 15ml or 50ml
Oleogel for extremely dehydrated skin, care for lips, eyes, body and hands.
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Ultrasound gel

Ultrasound gel, 500ml
Base gel for combination with active agent concentrates. Intensive care.
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Süüsmoon® - Lotion N

Süüsmoon® lotion N, 150ml
Spray with liquid nanoparticles for the care of dehydrated, low fat & acne skin. For face, body and hands after cleansing, shower or bath.
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Süüsmoon® - Lotion P

Süüsmoon® lotion P, 150ml
For the care of blemished, oily and acne skin, prevention of psoriasis. Non fattening aqueous lotion.
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