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Dermaviduals® - Skincare as Individual as You Are 

dermaviduals® provides a full range of skincare products, that can be customized to address a multitude of skin conditions and prevent the development of future skin problems. They are also ideally suited to care for normal and young skin, but also optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and help to prevent premature aging.

dermaviduals® are protected by patents and offer not only customizable assortment but a large variety of finished products.  Background information and latest scientific results are published regularly in neutral form.  KOKO’s, manufacturer of dermaviduals®, key aim is to promote close collaboration between spas and dermatologists, thereby enabling skin care facilities and dermatology clinics to be integrated with dermatological treatments to get the best results without any negative side effects.


The Benefits of dermaviduals®

dermaviduals® is a unique skincare line, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. It applies the “outside in” principle of Corneotherapy to skin care with the patented DMS® (derma membrane system) concentrate, which repairs the stratum corneum and brings homeostasis to the skin. DMS® is almost identical to the skin’s lipid barrier thanks to its five beneficial ingredients: phosphatidylcholine, ceramides, squalene, triglycerides, and phytosterols, which makes it the ideal medium for active ingredients.

Our products are developed in a state-of-the-art laboratory by KOKO, a German company at the forefront of Corneotherapy research and world-renowned for using only the purest ingredients. KOKO uses ground-breaking technology to create a range of creams and lotions without the addition of emulsifiers (which build up in the skin and dissolve skin lipids when exposed to water.)

Dermaviduals® can be found in 40 countries world-wide, and is used exclusively by skin care specialists in both the esthetic and medical industry, in particular by those that specialize in Corneotherapeutic treatments.


Natural Ingredients: NO emulsifiers, fragrances, preservatives, dyes, silicones, PEGs, mineral oil, amines, or occlusive mineral substances.

Prescriptive Skin Care: Our skin is as unique as our fingerprints. Customization creates customer loyalty, and by analyzing and treating the skin individually, you can create an experience and products your clients can only get from you.

Cutting-Edge Delivery System: The DMS® Base Creams are lamellar formulations that mimic the skin’s lipid barrier and provide the perfect conditions for active agents, like liposomes and nanoparticles, to work most effectively. By merging with the skin barrier layers, liposomes and nanoparticlesopen and release their active agents into the skin. DMS® then seals the lipid barrier while the active agents get to work. DMS® Base Creams, even without the addition of further active agents, show strong effects with regard to the skin’s smoothness and an increase of skin hydration.

Respect the Integrity of the Skin: The skin, our largest organ, is our first and best defense against external aggressors. When it is healthy, its many layers work hard to protect us, but when its condition is compromised, its ability to work as an effective barrier is impaired. The dermaviduals® creams contain the patented DMS® (Derma Membrane Structure), which resembles the bilayer structure of the Stratum Corneum and repairs damage from the environment or harsh skin care treatments or products.

Backed by Science: dermaviduals® products have been put to the test in multiple clinical trials with published results.