Care products


Algen-Modelage Maske
Eye cream

Eye cream, 15ml
Intensive eye contour and decollete care. Smoothing and tightening.
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Gel for eyes

Eye gel Plus, 30ml
With hyaluronic acid and butcher´s broom for care around the eyes. Smoothing, moisturizing and toning effect.
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Body Lotion

Body lotion, 200ml
Skin care for the whole body with shea butter, DMS®, olive oil and vitamin E. Light milky lotion for the whole body and for every skin type.
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DMS®- handcream

DMS® hand cream, 50ml
Care for stressed hands. The hand cream protects from environmental influences and prevents chappy hands.
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DMS®-peeling cream

Total cleansing cream, 150ml
For gentle cleansing of the whole body. With natural oils, DMS-compounds and sugar tenside.
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Enzyme peeling mask, 10g
Cleansing enzyme peeling. With vegetable enzymes and natural minerals. To peel off superficial skin cells by means of pineapple and papaya enzymes.
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Lotion M

Face lotion M, 150ml
Astringent and refreshing lotion for skin and connective tissue. The moisturizing facial care for the whole day.
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Face tonic, 150ml
Refreshing tonic with moisturizing cucumber extract. Use after cleansing and before applying a face mask.
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Eyelid lotion, 15ml
Revitalizing care of the eyelids. Irritations caused by an insufficient tear film ("dry eye“) are reduced and feelings of tension at the eyes and the eyelids are decreased.
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Cleaning gel
Cleaning milk with DMS®

Solid shampoo, 60g
Gentle cleansing for body, scalp and hair. For all skin types.

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DMS®- cream mask with vitamins

Vitamin cream mask, 50ml
With vitamin A, C, E und D-Panthenol for facial and body care. Provides intense skin care.
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