Dermaviduals® offers the following product lines:

  • dermaviduals® basic and dermaviduals® special for the skin care at home;
  • dermaviduals® cabinet and base creams for the individual combination with active agent concentrates (dermaviduals® modular) or pigments (dermaviduals® deco) as products for the professional treatment;
  • dermaviduals® modular may be used as ampoules for the professional treatment and also for home care.

DMS-base creams skin care products have a physical structure similar to the skin’s own barrier layers. Their chemical composition is adapted to the skin’s physiology. These compositions may vary according to skin type and intended use.

DMS-base creams — as the name indicates —can be used in pure form for basic skin care or can be adjusted individually to the skin’s requirements.

In their chemical structure dermaviduals® base creams are similar to the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier. They can be used for skin care, skin protection and dermatological treatment. A smooth transition from dermatological treatment to cosmetic prevention is ensured. dermaviduals® base creams are successfully used for the supporting prevention of skin disorders by persons suffering from dehydrated skin, blemished skin, acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis. 

Dermaviduals®  - for the individual skin.

Dermaviduals® base creams and active agent products are sold and used as separate products. The customers or beauty institutes individually combine the products and make their own choise of either applying them in succession or mixing the substances before the treatment.

Dermaviduals® base creams enable the individual adaptation to the specific and seasonal skin condition by simply mixing in oils and selected active agents (similar to ampoule products). The individual adaptation of the creams in the beauty institutes usually is part of the service rendered.
Dermaviduals® base creams enable a unique skin care system specifically designed for individual demands. KOKO emphasizes this feature of individuality by delivering labels which, besides the KOKO address, also contain the name and address of the beauty institute.

In detail please note the 3 possibilities for the combination of base creams and active agents according to the German Cosmetic Directive (KVO):

  • Combination of the products for massage, masks and packs in the institute. As each product is already a finished cosmetic product, the products can be mixed and applied either in succession or in the course of the treatment. The KVO does not allow the addition of chemicals, i.e. substances that are not declared as finished cosmetic products. Amongst them are, for example, harmless substances like urea, citric acid or salicylic acids.
  • Base creams and active agents finished products sold by beauty institutes. The institute`s customer may apply finised products in succession or mix them himself. Like for the treatment at the institute, there are no guidelines from KVO here.
  • Mixing of base creams and active agent concentrates as part of the service for the institute`s customer. The individually adjusted preparation of a base cream (finished product) with an active agent concentrate (finished product) is mixed by order of the institute`s customer. The institute should give the customer a service document that lists the application quantities and INCIs of the finished products used.

DMS-base creams have to be adjustable with different kinds of additives, e.g. pharmaceutical agents (pharmacies) or cosmetic active agent concentrates (beauty institutes). There are additives of very different nature: 

  • Lipids (oils, fats);
  • Watery extracts;
  • Liposome concentrates;
  • Nanoparticles, loaded with cosmetic active agents;
  • Pharmaceuticals (pharmacies).

To assure longterm stability of the individual formulation, a high percentage of DMS-concentrate is necessary. DMS-concentrate consists of phosphatidylcholine, medium chain triglycerides (capric/caprylic triglycerides), shea butter, squalane and ceramides III. For instance, the DMS-concentrate makes up more than 60 % in DMS-base creams High Classic and High Classic Plus, whereas it is much lower in finshed creams that are not used as a base. DMS-base cream High Classic includes the highest amount of DMS. 

Generally, additional stabilizers are used in products with a low DMS-content. These can be carbomers (DMS-base cream Classic) and, where necessary, hydroxyethylcellulose in addition. 

The contents of lipids (oils, fats) vary in the products. Not only the concentration but also the type of lipid plays a role. DMS-base cream High Classic Plus contains olive oil in addition to the DMS-lipid components. So the cream is especially recommended for dehydrated and low-fat skin. Due to its high DMS-content DMS-base cream High Classic Plus can absorb additional lipids. Individually adjusted this way it is recommended for extremely dehydrated skin conditions. 

Carboxymethyl Betaglucan
Base cream High Classic Plus contains a betaglucane. This gives the skin a stronger protection against external pollutants as well as a light protection against UV-radiation. 

DMS-base cream Classic
This cream is best suited as base care for oily skin. For impure skin and skin with acne it can be mixed with liposomes and vitamin nanoparticles. Measurement data have shown a reduced sebum production after application of such a combination of ingredients. 

DMS® creams are:

  • free of emulsifiers;
  • free of preservatives;
  • free of perfumes;
  • free of mineral oils;
  • free of silicones;
  • free of amines.

Dermaviduals® creams show a lot of benefits:

  • excellent compatibility with regard to all types of skin;
  • long-lasting skin care and skin protection effects;
  • increase of skin smoothness and tightness;
  • increase of skin hydration within the corneum;
  • ideal transport properties for active cosmetic agents.