Procedures with KOKO dermaviduals

An important feature of the German company’s KOKO GmbH & Co KG cosmetics is that it is highly hypoallergenic. It does not contain preservatives, mineral oils and silicones, perfumes, emulsifiers and other aggressive substances that adversely affect the skin. Such properties make it acceptable to use with any skin type. The large range and mutual compatibility of the products makes it possible to prepare cosmetic compositions taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin in each particular case. This makes the procedures for the correction of age-related changes of the skin particularly effective and safe.

The action of cosmetic products is prolonged and provides complete care due to the activation of all physiological processes. The basis of most procedures using KOKO Dermaviduals is the use of base cream. It supplies the skin with biologically active substances, preparing for a deeper perception of the subsequent impact. This is especially important for complex therapy in order to smooth wrinkles and other signs of aging. The use of this cosmetics ensures the improvement of skin’s protective properties and its resistance to negative external factors.


  • The program for dry dehydrated skin makes the skin supple and elastic, prevents premature aging and improves complexion.
  • The program for oily dehydrated skin restores moisture balance, normalises the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminates excessive "shine".
  • The Anti-Age program for the prevention of premature aging effectively fights the first signs of aging. The skin acquires elasticity and comfort. Relaxing massage relieves muscle tension and gives a wonderful feeling of harmony.


KOKO DERMAVIDUALS cosmetics procedure

The recommended age for the procedure performance: from 20 years

 Indications for use: Individually selected procedure based on the characteristics of the skin, desquamation, irritation, dehydration and dynamic wrinkles.

 Recommended course: Once a month, possible to alternate with other procedures.

 Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the components of cosmetics, dermatosis in the acute stage and herpes in the acute stage.

Expected result: Skin condition improvement.

Information: At the beginning of the procedure, makeup removal and toning is carried out, starting from these care stages, products containing DMS membranes are used to restore the protective barrier of the skin. After the peeling, which is selected individually, care concentrates are applied. They moisturize, nourish, restore, and vitaminize the skin, thus, providing the whole range of actions required for the health and beauty of the skin. The next stage is a massage using a cream with DMS membranes. After 20 minutes of classical lymphatic drainage massage, a mask is applied, which the cosmetologist selects individually, based on the needs of the skin. The procedure is indicated for desquamated, reddened, stressed skin prone to irritation.

KOKO DERMAVIDUALS individual care programs

Recommended for problem skin in order to fully restore its health. Eliminates the manifestations of allergies, excessive dryness and irritation to external factors. The use of conceptual cosmetic means is determined by the individual choice for each client, depending on the existing problems. The means restore the epidermal barrier and activate the regeneration of skin cells. The complex effect provides not only healing, but also rejuvenation of the facial skin.


  • Acne Corneotherapy No1. Acne in the exacerbation stage
  • Acne Corneotherapy No2. Acne, post-acne (single elements, post-inflammatory pigmentation)
  • Acne Corneotherapy No3. Acne, post-acne (scars, papular and pustular elements, comedones, post-inflammatory pigmentation)
  • Anti-Age Corneotherapy No1. Age syndrome (atony, dynamic wrinkles)
  • Anti-Age Corneotherapy No2. Age syndrome (atony, gravitational ptosis, dynamic wrinkles)


Before the procedure, you must:

  • conduct a full consultation of the patient
  • collect anamnesis
  • introduce patient all contraindications and possible complications 
  • acquainted with the peculiarities of post-procedural care
  • give the patient fill in and sign informed consent of the procedure
  • In a card of the patient necessarily note the correction zone, type of used threads and the method of installation
  • Make a picture of the patient before and after the procedure to monitor the results