Active agents in nanoparticles


Due to their specific composition, nanoparticles have a high affinity to the horny layer of the skin and are used as transport systems which help the different active agents to penetrate the skin more easily.

Nanoparticles are capsules shaped by a monolayer membrane. This monolayer membrane consists of a substance that is found in the basic structure of cell membranes of every organism in nature. This natural substance has a complex name that is as hard to spell as to pronounce: phosphatidylcholine.

Nanoparticles are invisible the naked eyes as well as under the microscope. Only by means of an electron microscope can their structure be revealed. Due to larger particles, the watery dispersion has an opalescent or milky appearance. Speaking of milk: The structure of pure milk is very similar to the structure of nanoparticles, with the difference that the milk particles are larger and that their outer layer, besides phosphatidylcholine, contains other substances like proteins and cholesterol. Also, chylomicrons that transport fats in the blood and lymph stream are related to nanoparticles.

* All active concentrates can be used as an addition to the base cream or in pure form, as an independent preparation.


Boswellia nanoparticles, 20ml
For care of barrier disordered skin. Extract for the supporting care of hyperactive and barrier disordered skin.
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Coenzym Q10

Coenzyme Q10 nanoparticles, 20ml
Care and protection for mature skin. Coenzyme Q10 inhibits the formation of radicals and activates the metabolism of lipids.
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Isoflavone serum

Kiwi seed oil nanoparticles, 20ml
Care for reddened and irritated skin. In cases of connective tissue disorders, the combination with Liposome concentrate Plus (contains azelaic acid) is recommended.
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Mausedorn-Serum Plus
Vitamin A

Vitamin A nanoparticles, 20ml
Regenerating care for mature skin. Anti-aging skin care. Vitamin A supports the regeneration of mature skin.
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 Vitamin E

Vitamin E nanoparticles, 20ml
Protect the skin and support cell formation, for all skin types. Highly concentrated vitamin E.
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